Talking about Employee and Company

Company and employee always are contradictory unity of unity and opposition. As employee we have to develop our individual by depending on companies’ platform, contrary on, the firms and companies have to enlarge own scale with every employee’s efforts. Employee may get experience and earning more salary after work in the companies they engage in. Certainly, companies may gain more business return and profits through its sales representatives direct negotiation with customers; its other related department to cooperate each other; the good decision and future target from its management and board. Well, let us analyze and talk about what employee and company should do.

How to be a good employee
 Becoming an staff who may do something to the company
As the smallest unit of an enterprise, employees are the foundation of existence, the key to success and the need for development. At present, enterprises are at the new node of historical change. Have the ability to achieve and manage work. Daily work seems to be simple and repetitive, but in order to achieve high quality, we must master the content, characteristics, processes, methods and other professional knowledge of the post.

 Becoming a “loss-making” employee
Actually Loss is a state and wisdom for every employee sometimes. Wholehearted and take a big picture should be motto of every employee. For each employees, dedication is a kind of value attitude towards work and the key is to practice. As employees, we cannot be greedy for more stable environment or be satisfied with the existing state of affairs and reluctant to move forward. As a “loss-making” employee, does not delay work for any reason, does not lend any service vacancy, bravely assume the responsibility to do a good job, when the enterprise needs you, then you can stand up and shoulder the responsibility, really do the responsibility and work hard.

 Becoming a responsible employee
Responsibility is bear. The different position in same company give each employee different duty, however different position will be with same responsibility. It should be that doing every jobs with intense Enterprise. In turns, responsibility to the company is also responsible to own. We may conclude more experience from job, and cultivate personal responsibility to other things. Actually doing every tiny and trivial things well, doing every detail well namely take responsibility to own and to your company which you engage in.

How to be a good Boss
 Truly care about Employee with benefiting them always
Because of the resources and technology, medium and small Enterprises do not have the conditions to attract employees. However the enterprises need development, demand of versatile talents joining in its team is very important for enhancing enterprise’s competition in market. So what small and medium companies’ way to ensure more talents staying in its company? Actually these enterprises’ boss need to be care about every staff in company truly and let employee feel company like home. Naturally, in the work, employees will return to the enterprise with wholeheartedly work. Emotional encouragement is also very effective in employee motivation. For instance, A friend from Sinosources, the largest B2B trade platform in China, told me their company often organize some actions such as group travel, Birthday party for their every employee.

 Full authority to your team and mobilize employee initiative
As a boss from small and medium-sized enterprise, we should arrange the work and let the staff do the work well. However arranging work is not for independent everything, it is arranged as the scope of everything. So that not only employees can have the flexibility to handle and process jobs, But also achieve the goal of dealing with the matters.

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